The Purpose of Life



I’m sure there has come a time when you’ve all wondered why you are here – we have all asked ourselves, “What is the purpose of life?” For those who have found a calling, a passion, it may be easier for them to attribute this passion to their purpose, but alas, that passion does not fully fulfill their life. There is still a feeling of something missing from their life besides their work or passion to which they have devoted their life. They still beckon an answer to the question. My answer is simple: love.

Love is the purpose of life – to learn to love one another and live in harmony. Now, I don’t necessarily mean romantic love – as love comes in various forms and relationships. But love manifests itself in all relationships from those between friends and coworkers to the bond between family members and even neighbors.

And where does this theory stem from, you may ask? From the very first relationship to exist – the relationship between humans and God. (Now, don’t click away or close the webpage just yet! Hear me out, and then decide because I’d love to hear your theory on this as well in the comments!)

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).”

Now think about this: there is no higher love than unconditional love, which is so strongly rooted that it cannot be broken. If God loved all humans so much that he sacrificed His only Son so that we could live forever with the purpose of serving one another as we serve God, wouldn’t that forge the ultimate loving relationship?

Imagine having a child of your own who you love more than anyone or anything in the world and then having to see him tortured and killed so that you could send a message about the purpose of life to the rest of the world that would outlast thousands of years. Wouldn’t you have to love those humans a great deal to endure such pain? I say absolutely – that goes without question!

And if God loves us so strongly and modeled for us, in the form of His son, what that loving relationship should look like between humans, wouldn’t it be natural for us to follow His example and love one another despite our differences?
If you disagree, answer me this: why does it feel so good to help someone in need? Why does it hurt so much to lose someone we love? Why does kindness inspire and motivate others to return that kindness?

Why should anyone care about the purpose of life anyhow? Living without purpose is merely existing for the sake of existing. It is not truly living. It is getting up in the morning, going to work or school, coming home, and going to sleep only to repeat the same menial tasks as the day before. Sounds a lot like the life of a machine rather than the life of an emotionally intelligent being who craves more in his or her soul than mere existence. Love brings color to an otherwise black and white canvas of life. It adds intensity and feeling to existence and it is deeply rooted in our humanity, which, sadly enough, has continued to dissipate in this fast-paced, techie-world that we live in.

Even human interaction has lost its place in our lives as we sit down to dinner with our cell phones in hand ready to text back an answer rather than look each other in the eye across the table.

So I leave you with this mission: put your cell phone away this evening when you sit down to dinner. If you are alone, reflect on and give thanks for the relationships you have in your life. Think about how they have impacted your life thus far. If you are not alone, start a conversation. Keep eye contact. Really listen to the words being spoken. Take care to respond meaningfully. I guarantee you will not regret it, for you will be actively loving one another with the simplest of tasks that you normally take for granted.

Go forth and love, my friends! There is no greater feeling than love to share!