Blogger Recognition Award

 Thank you, Chape, for this honorable nomination!    

How this blog started:

I was confiding in a friend one night about my condition and, after I gathered enough courage to do so, I was inspired to start this blog as I had already written my first post but never posted it anywhere. I feel like this blog gave me the freedom to express who I am – all of me – and a chance to reach out to those who suffer from ailments that are similar or even different than my own. I felt like I could share with the world what it’s like on the inside to live with an illness and still be very much alive.

My advice:

1. Write what you’re passionate about and it will show in your posts and in your readership. People generally follow genuine voices. 

2. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you try to judge them. It will make you think twice.

My nominations:

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Chape Personal Trainer



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My Chronic Life 


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A Scottish Girl’s Journey With Chronic Pain

A. R. D. Warrior

Love Hope Peace 

Thriving with Bipolar Disorder

Endurance and Optimism 

Polishing Dookie


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