What exactly is intimacy and how do we feel intimate with someone? 

Intimacy isn’t just being romantically and physically involved with someone. It goes beyond that in connecting with someone on a higher level almost as though you can see into their soul. It’s when you know someone so well, inside and out, that you reach out to them even at 4 a.m., and even in the smallest hours of the day and night, they seem to be on your mind.

Intimacy is a closeness achieved by spending time together, getting to know one another, accepting one another for who you are, and loving one another for it. 

So how do we become intimate with someone? Communicate openly and honestly. Some call it pillow talk, others text in the middle of the night, but say whatever’s on your mind and put it out in the open. The other party will surprise you with reciprocation. You will get to know the deepest and even darkest side of one another, but you will grow closer together for it. 

Share your hopes and dreams as well as your doubts and fears. You will find it comes naturally to want to support one another through your struggles and your achievements once you have obtained this closeness by confiding in one another.

Intimacy isn’t just between couples, it exists among friends as well, especially best friends. There is a bond that forms between two people who become intimate with one another – one that is not easily broken. 

The more you share, the more you will learn, not just about the other person, but also about yourself. They will provide a different perspective on you and your life and you will do the same for them. Together, as you grow closer, you will grow as individuals with a better understanding and appreciation for loving others.



2 thoughts on “Intimacy

  1. I have a deep appreciation for the subject of intimacy, and I wish more people seemed aware of the rewards, as well as excited about reaping them, through building such a bond in a safe, trusted relationship (Friend or romantic). Thank you for this post!

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