“L is for the way you look at me…”

There is nothing like that deep gaze into your eyes with a twinkle inkling of hope and warmth, when his/her eyes smile back. It is such a noticable look that even those around you feel its warmth and genuine emotion.

“O is for the only one I see..”

When love struck, it’s often difficult to feel, think, and see anything else other than our love. It completely takes us over and suddenly we look at life through rose colored glasses and everything around us becomes a reflection of what we feel deep inside.

“V is for the very, very extraordinary…”

Extraordinary describes this wonderful feeling that envelopes us whether in the presence of our love or even when we are apart from them. It’s a combination of excitement, warmth, joy, and terror – the fear of being so vulnerable with someone and the chance of losing what we have found together.

“E is even more than anyone that you adore can…”

This line speaks to how deep this feeling goes into our heart and soul – even more than we can imagine. When we love someone more than words can convey, our actions speak louder than them anyway and with time it becomes more apparent just how deeply in love we are.

One of my all time favorites by Nat King Cole. I just had to break it down after it played on the radio. Wonderful song for such a beautiful experience as love! I hope you enjoy it and if you haven’t found it, I pray you will!


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