Just a “Friend?”

Have we all experienced this type of unrequited love? I’m not sure, but we’re all too familiar with the “let’s just be friends” talk. I’m not going to go into the bittersweet irony in it or the fact that it stings like nothing else. I’m here to explain that it doesn’t have to be the end of a potential relationship, but it can be the beginning of an honest friendship. Yes, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to do and quite rewarding.

But you might say, “Guys and girls can’t just be friends – they can’t!” Yes, they can! How many of you have friends of the opposite sex? Most of us do and, in fact, I’ve found that friendship with a guy is often less stressful and taxing than one with a girl for me. In my experience, girl friends tend to expect more social etiquette – calling them to talk often, to catch up, and nagging when it doesn’t happen, gossip, and the ugly occasional backstabbing if some drama is stirred up, etc., nearly all of which I either don’t have time for or often don’t wish to participate in. 

I say save the drama for the big screen and come back down to earth where you’ll find me engaging in intelligent and oftentimes comical conversation with people who actually value my time and effort to establish and maintain a friendship with them. Yes, most of these people are men whose paths have crossed with mine sometime in the past for whatever reason. And it isn’t just the funny conversations that keep me in these friendships – it’s the highly interesting and deep, often philosophical-like talks that we share that I find to be the most fascinating and rewarding. 

It’s always interesting to see life from a different viewpoint, and it enriches your own understanding in such a unique way to increase your empathy and love for others. I have found some of the best of friends through these means and by being mature enough to get over unrequited love and see an opportunity for growth and development, I have come to know some incredible souls who continue to motivate and inspire me to better myself through this journey we call life.

I highly urge you to think twice the next time you hear “just friends” in the voice of someone you were thinking of dating. Think of the potential there to learn and grow from another’s experiences and perspective. Take a serious stab at being real friends and reap the rewards!


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