Your Best Self

People don’t realize it because they’re too busy rushing from here to there most of the time, but we lift each other up to be our best self by being motivating and inspiring others to look up, to better themselves in different ways.

Each of us has a talent or a gift, if you will, – something we excel at or show exceptional promise in. Some people are good listeners, some are strategic problem solvers, and others might be good at networking or what have you, but each of us has something – some talent or skill that makes us unique. 

So why is it that we are not all exactly the same in our abilities? And why do we have these unique gifts? The answer is simple – our differences cause us to work together to solve problems, to build/create masterpieces, to live our lives to the fullest together.

And most importantly, using our gifts, we lift one another up to be our best self, to give each other the motivation to live up to our highest potential, to set whatever goals we have and achieve them, to pull each other out of a rut and into intentional goodness. What am I talking about? Living with good intentions, honesty, integrity, loyalty, intelligence, etc., all which we have too easily forgotten in this fast-paced world of indifference and carelessness. 

It is up to us to bring back these values and qualities which are true to our core being as humans – to bring back our humanity so that we lend a hand to someone in need, stop to smell the roses once in a while, appreciate one another more, and stop taking everything for granted. 

Stop and think for a minute about what makes you want to be better. Are you driven more by material things or the people around you? What or who influences you the most and why? Most of you will find the answer to be a person who you admire or love. If you are more influenced by material things/wealth, you will often find yourself unsatisfied with what you have and who you are is lost in a mirage of material things that you are soon to tire from, moving from one thing to the next in a matter of minutes. But ask yourself this: are you really happy?

Happiness comes from within, from knowing who you are and standing up for what you believe in. It comes from the confidence you have in yourself by being who you are and being true to yourself. And we help each other find this happiness that is in us, by bringing the best out of one another through using our gifts on this journey we call life. 

So think about whether you are being your best self – living out your full potential – and who has the most positive influence on your life. Take a minute to really show appreciation to them for it and you will often find that you have positively influenced their life as well.


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