Are You Alive or Merely Existing?

For what is the difference between living and existence? What is it that brings us to life in this monotonous routine – “la vie quotidienne,” as the French say? What helps us find and work toward our full potential?

Goals – big and small, short and tall – goals about anything and everything our heart desires. If you think about it, it’s pretty simple. Set a goal for yourself. Maybe you want to lose weight or tone your muscles. Maybe you want to stand up straight or speak louder. Maybe you want to change the way you dress for work or after work. Whatever you want, I assure you, you can achieve it with some hardcore effort and a change in your daily routine. Work this goal into your busy schedule. Set aside time to work on it and maybe enlist the aid of your friends, family, or coworkers. I’m sure they will cheer you on, and I know I make it sound easy, but at the least it’s doable. Keep a positive attitude about it and you will see it through!

Some major goals will have tiny sub-goals that will help motivate you to succeed (e.g., adopting a healthy diet and losing weight to find a date, etc.) and achieving these goals can reap unexpected rewards besides feeling great about what you have accomplished – as you should take the time to appreciate your efforts to better yourself.

And do this for yourself, not for anyone else, but for the sheer satisfaction it brings to know that you are alive and in control of your own destiny. That you can achieve anything you set your mind to – that the possibilities are endless!

It will change your life and your outlook on life into one of adventure and strength, success and endurance, character and core values.

So, what are you going to work on today?



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