What makes you happy? I’m not talking about material things or people. I’m talking more about what brings you joy?

Waking up knowing that I’m alive ready for the zing of my coffee to set in. Going to bed knowing tomorrow is another chance at adventure and growth. Helping others reach their full potential. Just reaching out to see who’s there and what ideas they can bring to the table. These are some things that bring me joy…

But have you really thought about where your happiness comes from? If it comes from having the latest gadgets, it is often short-lived and fleeting as the newer version or gadget comes around quickly after the last one did. If it comes from people, what happens when they are no longer around? Hmm…

Inner happiness, which we are born with, – where does that come from? How do we feel it? Some call it inner peace, while others just bask in it. This happiness is deeply rooted within and it comes from knowing exactly who you are and loving every bit of yourself – the good, the not so good… All of that makes you who you are, and if you can love yourself entirely, you can achieve this happiness and unlock it from within giving you the confidence to put forth your best self in all situations. This is what I believe and live by, for, though battling depression and anxiety on a daily basis, I am forced to constantly remind myself that happiness is within me. It comes from me and choosing to be happy is albeit a choice. Even when that choice is the hardest one to make, it remains a choice. As depression is a serious illness treated with medication and coping mechanisms, I hope healthy ones at that, after a down spell there is happiness to return to – to look forward to, to fill the rest of the day, the rest of a lifetime.

What is happiness to you? Where do you think it comes from? What brings you joy?Summer-happiness-photo



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