Alluring as they might be in the female form, in the frame of a vehicle, in the design of everyday products, we cannot deny the irresistible existence of the curve.

A simple definition follows curve in the dictionary, but there is a complexity to it as well as mathematics reminds us what it takes to construct a curved line. 

But we won’t go into the details here. We will simply remind ourselves of the simplistic beauty of such an element as a curve. As stiff and static as a straight line can be, a curve opens up a whole world of shapes and definition to an object, even to a picture.

Curve – to bend a shape into a unique form – reminds us that the rules, rigid as they can be, are bent once in a while for the better. Consider a curve in the academic world to give the highest scoring student and every other student the advantage of a higher grade. Thus the curve brings a sense of positivity and creativity to the picture of life – inspiring such things as spirals, loops, and whirlwinds of whimsical intricacies to join us together as one at various points like any line does, but by bending and twisting its way through our life.

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