The deeper they go, the harder they are to leave behind, these scars from our battle wounds to marks we were born with to set us apart, to help us build our character, to test our will to carry on amidst our personal inner wars. Scars can be haunting for some, for others they can be empowering as reminders of the past successfully lived through and survived. 

Scars can be seen as ugly and yet some would say their beauty surpasses all others in the symbols they represent – courage, strength, perseverance, and such. 

Scars tell stories of their own, no matter the battle. They may fade or linger with us, the pain reminding us that we have survived something great, something harrowing, and yet the battle is never truly over for some. For some, the scars dig deep emotional wounds that take years, perhaps decades to heal. For these brave warriors, comfort is found in others who battle with them the same demons – addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or what have you. 

Each of us have scars that are either visible to the naked eye or invisible but just as real and painful to retrace. But we learn to live with them, learn our lessons from them, and keep them guarded close by. If we can learn how to share them more freely, to join forces to fight together our battles, the wounds would be less painful and together we would win more of our struggles – stronger together than alone.

So please join me, in this celebration of scars – in this moment here and now. Share what battles you deal with, whether here with me or with those who are closest to you who you can trust. Uncover your scars and see beyond the ugliness into their beauty and strength. Be empowered to fight the good fight together and win!

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