Whether you listen to it or write/compose it yourself, we can all agree that music is one of the most common art forms that is prevalent in daily life. The power of notes strung together and chords melodically arranged is undeniable.

A simple tune can change the way an entire day has played out by instilling and recalling precious memories through lyrics or notes familiar to us. There is so much more to music than words and it affects our mood most definitely. 

Music can soothe the soul as it aches from the pain of this unforgiving world. It is an escape in ways from reality to a surreal state of being, a happiness perhaps or mellowness. Music can empower us to set and achieve our goals, or just empower us to do something most of us take for granted like get up in the morning, which can be a great feat for someone, for example, suffering from depression. 

Feeling a bit down? Wallow in your sorrows with the blues or play some upbeat tunes and get back on track to being at your best. A simple song can change our outlook on life, love, relationships, friendships, what have you. If you can think of a topic, there’s pretty much a song about it somewhere because music is a universal language like love. Humans have connected on a musical level that transcends language barriers and other differences for as long as we can remember and it has brought us together. Just think of concerts and you’ll see how music has the incredible power to unite people across the globe.

So I encourage you to think about the next piece of music you hear or play and how it affects you and the people around you. I encourage you to make a positive impact on the world with the music you choose to play!

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