Sacrifice is something we all do everyday whether it’s for our own good (delayed gratification, saving up for something, etc.) or for the good of the group (family, friends, coworkers, organization, etc.). It is an essential part of life and without it we cannot achieve our dreams. 

In my personal life, my culture dictates that I sacrifice my wants and needs for the wants and needs of my family. In other words, my family always comes first. This is reflected in all of my decisions – the decision to stay at home with my family to help out with the bills instead of moving out on my one for example. Going to the same university as my older brother to be able to carpool and live at home to be there for my family at the same time, getting a job close to home so that in the event of an emergency I can rush to where ever my family member is in need. All of my life choices put my family’s needs above my own and in this manner I live my life happily ready to sacrifice everything for them and they in turn do the same for me.

This kind of support system is incredibly strong and indestructible in the face of a storm. We all count on each other and, being as dependable as we are, we’re always there for one another ready and willing to make whatever sacrifice is necessary. This safety net is extremely effective in growing personalities and chracteristics that are selfless and understanding of others needs. Sometimes it can be detrimental if we completely forget ourselves but we must take the time to make sure as individuals we are not starved of our basic needs, but as long as we can find the right balance this system of sacrificing for the better of the group is a truly rewarding way of life.

I challenge you to think of what sacrifices you’ve made in your life or on a daily basis and how it has paid off. 

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