In the midst of life’s storms it may seem that chaos has a hold on us as we are sucked into a dark hole of nothingness. Chaos can mean several things and take many different forms depending on the situation and what storm we are facing. For me, with depression and anxiety, chaos takes over but only when I let it. I have learned to make it my friend instead of seeing it as something dark and looming overhead because, I have faced it – it isn’t going away completely, so it may as well have a nice seat next to me, an acknowledgement of its existence.

Whenever I feel chaos start to creep up beside me, I chill with it a bit, really think about what is pulling me down, and I can usually find a way to obliterate it or let it simmer down. Even though it may not seem orderly in nature, even chaos has some order to it and it’s usually  this order I pay the most attention to in my own experiences. Paying attention to when it strikes and how severely it hits me has taught me a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses. So in a way, chaos can be thought of as a teacher, something that makes us come out the other end of the tunnel stronger than we were before, having learned something in the process.

So I encourage you to embrace chaos as an opportunity to learn about yourself no matter what form it takes in your own life. Think about what it could be trying to teach you and come out of it different, feeling stronger for having faced it.

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