It’s very easy for us to underestimate anything or anyone, really. Our judgement can be clouded by a plethora of different things and the challenges we face every day. 

But what do I tend to underestimate? Myself, I think, more often than not. Self-doubt and negative thoughts from anxiety can do that, but it’s important not to let anxiety take over. I try to remind myself of all of my strengths before I consider my weaknesses, and yes I do admit to my weaknesses; however, I see them as learning opportunities for growth. They become goals in my eyes – obstacles to overcome and they motivate me to better myself. 

Sometimes it can be hard to get over a specific obstacle, but I keep at it for my own good and for the good of others around me – for, if I were to let myself go completely, what kind of example would I be setting? Would I want others to follow suit? Absolutely not! I have always wanted the best for others, and if I advocate self improvement, I better be working on myself first and foremost. 

A close number two is God. I tend to underestimate His reasoning especially when it comes to illness and death of the body. Sometimes there is just too much pain to be felt that it clouds my judgement and I forget that He has a plan for everyone and a reason for everything. When I underestimate God, I usually end up frustrated by my own inability to answer the question of why things have to happen the way they do. So I have learned the hard way to let it go and accept the reality of the situation at hand. When I do this, I find it more peaceful and easy to grieve and work my way past the storm I am facing.

So I encourage you to think about what or whom you tend to underestimate and what effect that has on you and those around you. What are you missing out on because of it?



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