“In good health; not diseased” – healthy. But what does healthy look like to you? Is it the shape and form of a fitness guru? Is it the ability to wake up in the morning and roll out of bed? Is it not succumbing to unhealthy cravings and eating well instead? 

There are several ways to define healthy but above all, it means being well enough to function as a member of society whether that means you are fighting an illness or accepted your weight, etc. 

Each of has health goals. Some of us want to be able to play with our children or grandkids without running out of breath. Some of us want to make it up and down the stairs without heaving. Others like myself are dealing with specific ailments and symptoms by taking medication and adjusting our diet and exercise regimen. 

But whatever your goal may be, the important part is that you make the effort to stride toward achieving that goal. For innately, we have a need and desire to better ourselves unless we would rather face obesity and other various illnesses that lead to immobility and death.

For myself, unknowingly I had been unhealthy all of my life, and it didn’t become apparent until about three years ago when my symptoms intensified to the point that I could not go on without medical attention which I immediately sought. To me, healthy is where I am now – taking meds, eating right, and exercising regularly all to feel better, to live better, to be able to sleep at night and wake refreshed in the morning ready to face whatever life throws my way.

So I urge you to define healthy for yourself and think about what you are already doing for your health or ways you can improve upon it for your own good! As human beings we look to each other often for motivation and inspiration. Be a healthy role model for those around you!




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