Every one of us starts like a seedling, soaking up the necessary nutrients for growth and eventually develop into who we are today. The seedling requires sunlight and water as well from its environment in specific amounts to grow into a full-fledged plant, flowers and all.

Like the seedling, we soak up the necessary components of our environment as well in the form of several factors that influence the way we grow. Some of these factors are family and home life, economic and social background, culture, education, etc. 

Each of these factors is unique in its effect on the person, but they all affect the outcome of a life well lived. What do I mean by a life well lived? Well, a life in which full potential is discovered and reached – a life lived to the fullest, maximum growth and development in all areas of life including spirituality.

Once the flower is produced and blooms, the true beauty of growth and development is observed and appreciated. It is your time to bloom, to flourish! What goals have you set for yourself lately? What are you doing to further your growth and development? What areas of your life have you yet to explore? Go forth and grow and see the beauty of life bloom before you!



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