A brick, solid as it is, usually is a building block for something bigger. It reminds me that the building blocks of my life need to be just as solid to build a sturdy foundation that cannot be torn down by anyone or anything. And these bricks of my life are my values and beliefs – my faith most importantly, which keeps me grounded in hope and purpose. 

Anytime I feel I have gone astray, I have these bricks to come back to, to realize once again who I am and what makes me unique as an individual yet like so many other human beings and what my purpose is here on Earth – to serve, to love, to be accepting of others, to serve God and love Him back. It is not to judge or criticize, nor is it to be sulking and feeling sorry for myself in my darkest hours, but to know there is a Light at the end of the tunnel and to gravitate toward it, to become it for others in their darkest hour by reminding them that the Light does exist amidst such darkness.

This one word, brick, gives me so much hope and strength for the rest of my days. What does it mean to you? What are the bricks of your life? Reexamine them and think about how sturdy they are in the most difficult of times. Be grateful for these bricks, be they values, beliefs, people in your life, or what have you.



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