Let your imagination run wild! This one word opens up a whole new world of possibilities, positivity, allowing for growth of all kinds. 

Dream! Close your eyes and transport yourself to another place where time may not exist, where loved ones return to us from time to time with messages we try to understand when we wake up. 

How often have you found that you don’t remember your dreams after you wake up? I know it happens to me a lot, but if I really focus, it comes back to me and I can remember vivid details. I often wonder what these dreams mean. There are actually dream interpreters and sometimes dream dictionaries in various cultures that try to decipher what these dreams are trying to tell us.

Then there are the dreams we share: living life to the fullest, having a family, marriage, a certain career, finding true love, living out our faith, etc. These are the dreams we strive for every day of our lives. They add color and spice to an otherwise bland palate – motivation and inspiration to achieve our full potential in life. 

Ah, but what would life be without all of these dreams? What are your dreams? The ones you had last night or the ones you keep deep in your heart? What do they say about you and your values? What are you doing to achieve them?



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