Often times we face a fork in the road of life, and we are not sure which way to go. Whether the choices are in relationships, workplaces, achieving goals, or something as simple as choosing what to eat, we face this fork every day and make an abundance of choices. Some are easier than others like what to wear to work, but others take considerable amounts of thought and energy. 

What if we make the wrong decision, choose the wrong path? There is added pressure in our mind. However, if the wrong decision is made, do we not learn from it and grow as individuals as a result? Of course we do! So there should be no apprehension added to our hesitation to choose. That healthy hesitation should be grounded in weighing the pros and cons of each path on the fork in the road, but that hesitation should not prevent us from choosing either path ultimately for whichever paths we choose in life, some are bound to be harder than others and through our choices we will learn more about ourselves and others.

So if you are facing a fork in the road of life, don’t be afraid to take the one less travelled. You may end up growing in ways you never thought possible as a result. Whatever path you choose, believe in yourself, and you will come out on top, proud of all of your choices – good and bad – for they all bright you here to where you presently are – a place of self-improvement and self-reflection where the only way to go is up and onward.



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