What Will Illness Be Like in 100 Years?

Will it even exist? With the rate at which medicine and technology are advancing, one would hope that illness will not be so prevalent in our lives. What with gene selection already able to wipe genetic disorders from fertilized eggs, what else will they think of next?

I, for one, am against designer babies, but eradicating genetic disorders is one step ahead of the game in my book. Perhaps some may see it as playing God, but I see it as our responsibility as human beings to bring healthy individuals into this world and decrease their suffering. It’s not easy to live with an illness and nothing about it is fair, so why should people have to live with one if there is a way to remove it from their DNA? 

Now, I’m not a scientist or a doctor, and I don’t know all of the risks of gene selection, but I am an individual whose genes contributed to a condition I much rather wouldn’t have chosen to deal with, and I’m sure that my family would have wanted to avoid the pain of seeing me bear this burden. 

I do know that this is a costly procedure and like many other things in life money seems to answer the difficulties of genetic disorder, but will this gene selection one day be a part of the normal process of human reproduction? And who will decide what is to be cleared out of the egg and what is left untouched? These, to me, are scarier questions that might one day be answered. 

What are your thoughts on illness in the far off future? What do you think about procedures like gene selection/designer babies? Do you think illness will still be around to an extent 100 years from now?


6 thoughts on “What Will Illness Be Like in 100 Years?

  1. Illness, disease will always be here – I am not being negative, or a pessimist. I am not a doctor or a scientist. I just believe there are too many disease out there. There is no way any doctor can stop aging. Apparently every 7 years the body renews it self – the cells regenerate and may be not so brand new. If you take the heart as a organ, I think there are at least 1000 types of illness with the heart (I kinda know about this a little – because my mum had two heart attacks, a tripple bypass and a pace maker in the space of two years). So, if you think that every organ could have say to be safe 100 diseases per organ, blood it self can have diseases , like not enough hemoglobin, too many white cells etc.. There is so much potential for disease then there is cure, simply because of the volume of disease per organ.

    Your post is great, and I hope others join the conversation, will be nice to see what others think.

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  2. This question reminds me of the one at the heart of my of my favorite films of all time, Gattaca: How do our genetic imperfections make us who we are? How does our suffering change the nature of our identity?

    I don’t have any answers to these questions, but I know it matters so much that we continue to ask them. Thank you for making me give deeper thought to all this.

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