Friend. Compadre. Confidant. Buddy. Partner in crime. 
What we all search for in this life is someone to share the ins and outs with. 

Having a set of challenges that make it hard to find someone, from a condition to a more difficult than usual personality, I think it a good idea to turn to a companion that is less talkative in human terms. This creature being a dog, is nothing new for most people. For, the dog has been a lifelong companion to many – and a faithful one at that. Always happy to greet you at the end of your work day, never too tired to snuggle on the couch, willing as ever to go for a walk and play, this creature seems to be the epitome of a true companion, diverting your attention from stress to a state of playful bliss and discipline at times. 

So as we pay tribute to companions today, I urge you not to forget one of God’s most loyal creatures – the dog. Show him/her some love!



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