3-Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)

As a person who strongly likes plans and the security net that goes with a plan, this quote was a hard lesson to learn, especially out of college as I approached the world with no clue as to what kind of job I would have and what kind of future that would be. The future was unknown and that scared the pants off of me, but as I learned not to fret it, but to accept the reality of my situation, things started to fall into place. A job opened up and I was at the right place at the right time, knew the right people who knew I worked hard to serve others well. And the rest took care of itself. Looking back, I can see that all I had to do was be who I am and trust that things would work out somehow. 

Sometimes we just need to let go of what’s holding us back (in my case, fear), take a breath, and move forward trusting that God will provide.

Today I nominate: of snail mail, love hope peace, and lipstick and laundry.


One thought on “3-Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)

  1. Totally agree with this point! Letting go (surrender) is such a powerful tool, and it’s amazing the blessings of God that pour into our lives when we genuinely allow Him to control our situations, rather than trying to manipulate and control everything. In the midst of our own control, we find so many traps, road blocks, and resistance, when letting go of those reins to God ultimately allows us to live more freely. Great post!

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