Being Mr./Ms. Right

There seems to be a backwards approach to dating – that we are all in search of Mr./Ms. Right, when we should in fact be bettering ourselves to be desirable matches to our soul mates or what else you would prefer to call them.

I, for one, have a lot more work to do on this part I do admit, which makes sense as to why I have yet to find someone to share my life with. I feel as if I’m still getting the hang of this adult life and there are a plethora of experiences I have yet to go through as an adult. Perhaps living at home has put a damper on some of these experiences or has postponed them – being financially independent, for example. However, considering my health and prior state of being, I can’t imagine what life would be like now had I gone through my illness on my own without the safety net of a strong support group like my family. I probably wouldn’t be here to write this in that case.

As everyone’s life and journey is different and cannot be compared to anyone else’s, I think it’s safe to say that we come upon love when we are ready and willing to accept it. By ready, I mean at an emotional and physical maturity – a level of confidence that is unshaken, a means of knowing exactly who we are as individuals and what we are looking for in a relationship, an understanding of what love is that is developed over time.

Have I reached this readiness? I don’t believe so, as I am still working hard to better myself, but I do try to leave the door open for love to step into my life, although sometimes I find that hard to do. And having this outlook on love, I have stopped searching for Mr. Right, and instead looked inward to become Ms. Right for the guy I hope to attract. And if this Mr. Right happens not to exist, at least in the end I will be proud of the human being I am, and all that I have achieved in bettering myself.



5 thoughts on “Being Mr./Ms. Right

  1. Thank you or sharing this vulnerable post with all of its admirable context and personal message. I truly believe your intentions will leave you right where you belong; becoming the best version of you that you can become no matter what happens in the end. But should “Mr. Right” come knocking, you’ll be ready. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful thoughts. We so often overlook our own development in seeking out approval of others. Personally, I find a happy medium–you work at making yourself Ms. Right, but your “flaws” are what makes you the unique person that is you. Mr. Right should complement not just Ms. Right, but Ms. Right-in-part-and-Ms-You-in-whole. You should be the whipped cream and cherry on top of each other’s sundaes. 🙂

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  3. Great post, beautifully shared. We are all unique and different and I believe in embracing that. Unique does not mean being typical. So what if you are at home – what is wrong with that. I think it is totally beautiful, as kids we get our parents wrong in our childish thoughts. As we become adults and we have a chance to get them more we realise, how great our parents are, their hardships, their pains that we never understood at child. In this understanding I understand , become compassionate, grow, I become a wholesome adult. Otherwise, if i do what others do – I might be significantly selfish and go out enjoying myself a bit toooooo much. We should all go out and enjoy ourself – of course we should, cause life is way boring if we don’t. But , who says we can’t enjoy it a home. There is benefit in everything, seek it and find it , and see how beautiful your life is.

    You have writtten a beautiful post, full of wisdom, and maturity. You have a lot more capacity then you realise. Your post shows it.

    We are unique – enjoy it.

    I am so non -standard. I tried to be standard and do what everyone does at certain ages – and when I decide, hey this isn’t you and just got on being me – Oh I have never been so happy. Sure life hits you with stuff and it wont stop hitting you with stuff. but we are not born to be the same is all I say.

    thanks for a lovely post., I loved it when your first posted it, but I just didn’t have time to re-read it and comment. I enjoyed it. Thanks again.

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  4. I really love this, and it never stops. I am already married to the love of my life, and yet, I have a long way to go before I’ll feel worthy enough to be his Mrs. Right. He treats me like I am already her, but just by watching him, it makes me want to be a more patient, kind, and generous person every day.

    Maybe that’s the trick: Finding the person who can both accept you as you are and, by virtue of who *they are,* inspire you still to want to grow. I have no doubt, considering how amazingly thoughtful you are, that you will find your person, too!

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