When your world seems like it’s turned upside down or starts to crumble completely right before your eyes, what is your first response? Mine? “Not again! Here we go…” 

I tend to be one who remains calm, at least on the outside as I silently scream my heart out on the inside. It helps to be able to keep your wits about you when facing a crisis – thinking as clearly as permitted. Immediately, I search for every possible solution to the problem at hand, analyze the outcome of each, and take action. Some may call this situational leadership. Taking charge when the situation calls for it is just as much leadership as always assuming the captain’s chair on deck. (Not quite sure if that makes sense, but I’m a Star Trek fan if you can’t tell 🙂 

Anyhow, in times of crisis, I’d like to know how you keep yourself sane. What is your initial reaction? How do you calm yourself enough to think it through? Or do you simply run for the hills?




Without a care in the world; no worries; no stress – completely void of anything remotely related to the adult world. Carefree – this word takes me back to the good old days, when school was out for the summer and we all raced home to play the latest video games or raced to the park or swimming pool to take a plunge into our newfound freedom. When homework did not exist for three months, and if it did it was something of the effect of eat as much candy as possible without rotting your teeth and watch as much TV as possible without going blind.

What does carefree mean to you? What memories do you associate with this word? How are you trying to be carefree now? I am curious to know!how-to-live-happy-and-carefree



Things We Leave Behind

First and foremost, this prompt made me think of all the loved ones we leave behind when we pass from this life to wherever it may be you believe it is that our souls go. If you think about it, a funeral isn’t just for the deceased, but more for those left behind to gain closure and pay respect. It is a celebration of life just as much. 

What does the phrase make you think of? What other things do we leave behind? Perhaps architecture or structures of ruins come to mind. Or fortunes, or material things? Perhaps love? Feel free to share your thoughts here or in your own post. I’m curious to find out what you think!

The Things We Leave Behind


Unsure of which direction something or someone will take you; unable to be foreseen/foretold; wild in nature, etc.

There is a certain sense of adventure in this word – unpredictable – that is both scary and appealing at times. It can take us on a wild goose chase or it can be going through extremes in life that can be happy or otherwise not so happy.

In any case, the word unpredictable can be applied to every area of life – health (scary), relationships (spontaneity can be fun), and even something as mundane as the weather (especially in areas where natural disasters may strike).

 In a way, this one word makes us appreciate the predictable parts of our lives – our routines, family life, stability in all areas of life, health, etc. 

So what aspects of your life can become unpredictable? How does that affect your outlook on life, love, the world, etc.?