The word “sidewalk” makes me think of my childhood days spent playing hopscotch or riding bikes and trying to avoid pedestrians and cars.

Until I moved to an area where they are scarce, I never realized how much I took sidewalks for granted before. They are an essential part of pedestrian safety as the streets without sidewalks have no real areas for one to safely walk across without getting hit by oncoming traffic.

This makes me wonder why they aren’t mandatory in my part of town and it makes me guess again about taking a walk in my neighborhood. Slowly but surely, I see them being installed around town but not at the rate and abundance that they need to be. It makes me sad to think that kids walking home from nearby schools can come so close to being hit by cars on streets that are missing sidewalks. I am concerned.



2 thoughts on “Sidewalk

  1. The very simplicity and practicality of your words in this post had me chuckling. Not at the nature of your concern (children’s safety), but at the context of the theme for this one-word prompt. Your creative response was so easily achieved by a clever point of view that it was risible for its own sake. Thanks for sharing this!

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