So, if you know me in the world beyond posts, you know that I am an absolute animal-lover! Furry and fuzzy are my friends, indeed as I used to volunteer at an animal shelter back in college. I miss my daily interactions with the sweetest of dogs and cats. I urge you, if you like that sort of thing, to go volunteer at your local animal shelter even for an hour. I say this because these animals in particular are in great need of spending quality time with humans as most of them have not had that kind of warm experience to bwgin with.

Many an animal who ends up in a shelter has seen some form of abuse and needs to relearn how to interact with humans and other animals. This return to humane treatment is a slow process and even just being in the same room with them for a while is beneficial to their well-being as they get used to new experiences and positive ones at that.

I urge you to participate in rehabilitating these animals because it is just as beneficial to humans as it is to these defenseless animals. You will find the experience of nursing a dog/cat back to normal behavior to be extremely rewarding as you will make their fears vanish and build a lasting bond and trust so deep with them that you might just fall in love.

If you find that you have no time to spare, I would ask you to donate monetarily or donate supplies that are needed desperately – most shelters provide a list of supplies needed or amounts of donations accepted to keep these animals well cared for.

I am looking to adopt the cute fellow above sometime soon!



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