Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

I’ve been missing for a while,

And so have you!


So, I apologize, as there hasn’t been much to read on my blog lately. Work is work and will always be work, but this is where I come to play. Sadly, there haven’t been too many bright ideas running through my noggin at the time. I felt too far away from here, so today I’ve come to share what’s been on my mind.

I feel far from the words that comfort me. I feel as though they are fleeting and have floated up into the atmosphere out of my reach. As I jump up to grab a few letters here and there, they come together like they’d never left my fingertips. Strange.

Like raindrops that crystallize in the atmosphere, they glisten and glean of everything I have been missing. I feel at home, pen in hand, ready to delve into the creative endeavors of my imagination.

And here you have come, ready to join me. Thank you for your company as always, for your support, likes, comments, and words.

It’s good to be back after a rest. Refreshed and ready for another adventure, so let’s go!!!


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