This word makes me think of family, an ever-growing expansion of branches that all lead to the same trunk and roots. Alive and thriving, sometimes wilting, but with care, time, and enough resources, it can be revived. Its shade can be a comfort, its falling leaves a nuisance at times to pick up, but alas it must be done and when piled up, it can be a perfect grounds for jumping into by the little ones in your family tree. A tree can make a yard feel more like home, can add a sense of security to a kitchen window with privacy and the like.

For kids, a tree can hold a tire swing and become essential to summer fun. It can be an obstacle to climb and the perfect home for a tree house – grounds for a secret society, password hailing, ghost stories, and shenanigans.

So what does the word “tree” bring to your mind? I’m curious to know. Perhaps you broke your arm falling from one you were trying to climb, or you used a branch to hold up a tent or fort outside as a child. Maybe you had to cut one down before its branches destroyed a rooftop. Perhaps you have more fond memories of a tree growing up. Do share!

via Daily Prompt: Tree


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