Whether it is the empty words of someone being fake, or the sincere words of someone who wants to express their validation of your positive traits or simply their love for you, flattery can sometimes be a dangerous state of mind…

When we are flattered, our guard may come down a bit as we feel validated and important, just a good feeling overall that fills us up temporarily. However, we should not forget that kind words are just that – kind words. They should not be read into extensively and lead to assumptions or conclusions solely based on a couple of nice words exchanged. Therein lies some danger…

The actions of a person are really what tell us how they truly feel about us. This is something we must always remember, especially when facing feelings of infatuation or attraction toward someone in particular. This truth will always save us from doing something we may later regret. It gives us the notion of placing some time between these kind words and our thought process of drawing conclusions to observe what actions follow these words. If the actions and words fall in line together, it is almost safe to say that the flattery was sincerely given and received. If the actions don’t follow the words, we can say perhaps the words were small talk and courtesy – not meant for true flattery. And as mature adults, we do not take offense at this discovery, but we accept it as a part of the hum-drum of daily life and keeping things civil – adding a little sweetness to daily life.flattery


via Daily Prompt: Flattery


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