What’s on my mind you may wonder? This giant commitment I am wanting to bring into my life – caring for another being of the fuzzy, furry sort. 

Although most people might not stop to think much of it, I do, and this is not something to rush into. Caring for a pet of any kind is a big responsibility  – one that I am happy to take on. True, it will be a massive expense when the pet takes ill, but I have thought about insurance and have saved up enough over the years as a pet fund – yeah, it has been long in the works of my wishlist.

But which pet do I want? A dog, for sure and maybe a cat as well, but I’ll take the dog first. For the love of a dog, I have been waiting all of my life. The cat will likely be more independent anyhow. But nothing seems to scream loyalty louder than a dog – a true companion to humankind. This is my main reason for wanting one – a true, loyal companion to take care of, to love, to treat as another family member. 

Of course, I’m going from shelter to shelter in search of this companion- I wouldn’t want it any other way than rescuing/adopting one. And on this journey I have discovered that there are so many pets already out there in need of loving homes. It almost makes me want to bring them all home with me! That would be out of the question, obviously… but I feel for them – especially the senior dogs who are in desperate need of love. Of course, people tend to gravitate toward the younger dogs because they have quite a bit to go in terms of their lifespan and seem healthier, but no one wants to adopt the older, calmer dogs that have settled down and perhaps are fighting the onset of arthritis and other wonderful gifts of aging. This breaks my heart. I, myself, am considering adopting a dog on the cusp of senior-hood because she was so calm and well behaved in a loud, crowded park filled with people and animals. That and the other dog I showed you in a previous post was deemed unsuitable for first time owners. :/ But, alas, I am still looking around and doing my homework on breeds, a dog’s needs, etc. 

If you have embarked on this giant commitment already, I would love to hear from you. Do you have any advice for a first time dog owner in search of a dog?



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