“To evoke or draw out (a response, answer, or fact)”… according to Google, is the definition of the word “elicit.”

And so, you may ask, why I am writing this post? To elicit your response. I want to engage in a conversation with you, or at least to elicit a conversation within yourself… What makes you who you are? What is the reasoning behind the choices you make every day? Why choose blue over red? -or red over blue? -or what have you… when you are infront of your closet in the morning, deciding what to wear? Why do you work where you do? Why not blow off the errands you need to do and just sit by the fireside while sipping some hot cocoa tonight?

The answer? Because you care. You care about those guests who are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner this week. You care about looking your best when you step foot out of this home. You care about the choices you make on a daily basis because they have an effect on the rest of your life, on your health, on your mood, perspective, and attitude.

You know what? So do I. I care – not just about myself – but also about you. I want to know who reads these posts. I want to know why they are or are not as engaging. I want to know what you look forward to reading about. What are your deepest desires? What are your deepest fears? I will share mine with you. My deepest desire is to connect with another person on a deeper level, through open and honest communication. My deepest fear is never finding this person, or giving up on finding them.

I’ve just started the conversation, but it’s up to you to do your part as well. What are you passionate about? What drives you to wake up every morning and face the day ahead?elicit_proof_12-14-11_01




2 thoughts on “Elicit

  1. I can’t imagine you not finding someone to connect with on a deeper level, especially since you’re the kind of thoughtful person who asks, even of strangers in the blogosphere, the most important questions of all: what our fears and desires are. Maybe I’m attempting to speak beyond myself here, but I think we all, on some level, share the same fears and desires as you: That we desperately want to be heard/seen/known and are afraid we are mostly alone.

    But none of is truly alone if we all reach out to, as you put it, care, especially about one another by listening to each other. So that’s my deepest wish this year: That the world can do less talking, more listening. My biggest fear? That I’ll fail to live up to that wish and deliver it back to the world!

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