The Purpose of a Dog

What is the purpose of a pet? A money pit? A status symbol? No. Never. The purpose of having a pet is to love unconditionally this creature who is, after all, helpless without your affection. Someone who looks to you for leadership and guidance besides cuddling and petting galore.
What if we were more like our pets? Always happy to greet you when you return home. Always wanting to spend time with each other. Ready and willing to go the extra mile in loyalty and quite frank about everything.

Does this not sound appealing? How simple their life is. How precious their love is. All they ask for is that – love.

So if you have a pet of any furry fuzzy form, I urge you not to take him or her for granted. For, they too are God’s creatures in need of you as much as you are in need of them. It’s a two-way street. 

Be well and take a lesson from your furry friend. Put down the phone, tablet, or mouse, and go for a walk.


Daily Prompt: Fishing


I find myself often fishing for quotes that hit a deeper note within me, whether from music lyrics or movies or TV shows, books, poetry, what have you… This one from the X-files comes very close:


“In the endless procession of souls… in what cannot and will not be destroyed. I want to believe we are unaware of God’s eternal recompense and sadness. That we cannot see His truth. That that which is born still lives and cannot be buried in the cold earth. But only waits to be born again at God’s behest… where in ancient starlight we lay in repose.”…”You know, I never stop to think… that the light is billions of years old by the time we see it. From the beginning of time right past us into the future. Nothing is ancient in the universe. But, maybe they are souls, Scully. Traveling through time as starlight, looking for homes.”


How often do we stop to gaze at that starlight wondering how long ago it started to travel? How beautifully it lights up the darkness of the night sky… What a comfort if, in fact, this could be true – to know our loved ones are still up there, perhaps looking down at us and waiting for us to join them again.

As for knowing God’s eternal recompense and sadness, my guess is as good as yours. I feel as though God works in mysterious ways, and in these times when we lose the people we love, we tend to treasure the time spent with them. As for those who are taken away from us too soon or with extreme pain, I will never know why or how to rationalize that… just taking it for face value as a side-effect of humanity’s free will. And God’s sadness? I believe He feels a great deal of it – more than we can ever imagine.


via Daily Prompt: Fishing


To me, there’s nothing like Christmas decorating to music in the background. This is my favorite pastime with my family. My mother and I especially love trimming the tree together, and it has to be fresh! No imposter trees will enter our home ;). 

But when all is said and done, I just love spending this time together as a family, which I think a lot of others lack in their life. They either can’t or won’t go home or maybe they have no home to go back to, but either way I wish I could give them this warmth that fills me during the holidays. 

So if you’re out and about this holiday season, just try to be as kind as possible – be the change you want to see – because you never know what others may be going through during this time of year especially. They may be missing that homey feeling of family and your smile along with some kindness can really go a long way.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!



Missing is what I’ve been lately – in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and entertaining, I’ve been writing more paid articles elsewhere for the time lapse in between. My apologies for being MIA. I’ve noticed something in my lack of a presence online… I miss it more than anything else – this blank page and filling it with meaning, feeling, and thoughts. I feel like I’ve bottled all of that up lately. It’s not good! 
So I’m taking this post to wish you all a very warm holiday season! Happiness and health to you all out there now and always. Thank you for your ongoing support and thanks for reading this and all of my other posts!

Be well, and I’ll try not to stay away for so long!