The Purpose of a Dog

What is the purpose of a pet? A money pit? A status symbol? No. Never. The purpose of having a pet is to love unconditionally this creature who is, after all, helpless without your affection. Someone who looks to you for leadership and guidance besides cuddling and petting galore.
What if we were more like our pets? Always happy to greet you when you return home. Always wanting to spend time with each other. Ready and willing to go the extra mile in loyalty and quite frank about everything.

Does this not sound appealing? How simple their life is. How precious their love is. All they ask for is that – love.

So if you have a pet of any furry fuzzy form, I urge you not to take him or her for granted. For, they too are God’s creatures in need of you as much as you are in need of them. It’s a two-way street. 

Be well and take a lesson from your furry friend. Put down the phone, tablet, or mouse, and go for a walk.


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