This is one of the things I suggest for writers just starting out with their blog – keep it simple from the beginning. Stick with what you’re passionate about and it will open a variety of opportunities for future posts, reader interest, and participation or feedback from readers, followers, and other bloggers.

Simple, as in your writing as well – you don’t want to use too many words that most people have to look up in the dictionary – unless that’s what you’re going for or you know that your readers are of a certain education level. Even so, it can be taxing for the majority of readers to try and keep up with you. Eventually, they may give up and click elsewhere to read a different blog altogether. You don’t want to discourage readers from reading your posts – you want the opposite and to attract more readers, you need to know how to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely. Make sure your ideas flow together as seamlessly as possible when you organize them for your post.


It may be difficult for some, like myself, who tend to be wordy when we write, but you will accomplish it with practice! You’d be surprised how many people like to read simple topics that they can relate to and how many of them like to leave their own thoughts on these topics of choice. So when you are writing, think of your audience and how they will respond to such a post – will they find it interesting, will they want to contribute their own thoughts, and will they read the whole post?

Images can help with drawing attention to your post. Try finding images that really represent your main idea and are pleasing to the eye or eye-catching. You want to find meaningful photos. This tip was given to me a while back by a friend and fellow blogger and it has been a wonderful piece of advice that accents the simplicity of a post.



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