As I type this there are approximately 3,995 living, breathing people waiting for a new heart and one of them is dear to me. I know him. I’ve known him for a year and nine months, I’ve worked with him, and he has supported me in my work for all that time, never telling me until now that he has health issues – major health issues. Nevertheless, he is in the ICU at one of the top hospitals in the country, doing just that – waiting – painstakingly for someone else’s heart to be a match. He’s higher up on the list, but that doesn’t mean it will be any time soon. It could be any minute, any day, any month, or so.

Waitlist copy

Typically, it takes four months to find a heart that is a match. But there’s nothing typical about being in this situation. I’m constantly surprised and humbled at how positive an attitude he maintains throughout all of this. The only dietary restriction he has is about consuming low sodium foods. There are things he craves once in a while, but most of the time he forces himself to eat – not having much of an appetite.

He has accepted the reality of the situation – that there is nothing he can do but wait and pray. This acceptance has, in a way, set him free. He knows there is a good chance that he might not make it through and he has looked back on his accomplishments knowing he has done a lot of good in this lifetime. And this gives him peace.

Common Diseases That May Lead to Transplantation

I don’t know exactly which one of these he has, but this man is unlike any other. The biggest hearted individual I’ve ever met – he always has room in his prayers for everyone and every issue we share.

This is where you come in. Whether you believe in God or not, all I am asking of you is to say a prayer for those in his shoes – that they receive the care and attention they need and deserve. That they receive the organ they so desperately need and that their bodies do not reject this gift but accept it – this gift of life that we are blessed to give one another.

Just a quiet prayer for health – for you and those dear to you. That’s all.



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