Five Minutes of Your Day

I know not everyone will want to know or participate in this, but it has helped me a lot in the past few weeks. I don’t go to church regularly, but I live out my faith – that’s how I was raised. So this app I found out about is my little return to chapel (I went three times a week for four years attending a Christian college after public schooling K-12). It is a daily five-minute teaching/lesson/sermon, if you will, and really gets to the point of the message, the point of faith, the application of faith in the real world. 

If you are curious, I suggest you look up First Five in the App Store and download it. It fits right into my busy schedule, and it’s worth exploring even if you are of a different faith or belief system.

That’s my two cents today! As always, thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!



I find that the most rewarding part of blogging is actually guest blogging because not only do you put yourself out there as a writer and expand your audience, but you also get to experience writing for a specific topic/purpose/audience that may be different than the ones you normally write for or about. 

This past week I was approached by a blogger to submit a piece specific for her blog audience of millenials (born in the range of years from 1985-1994) talking about real struggles faced by real millennials. As I was included in this age group, I had no trouble brushing off a certain post I had kept to myself – one with raw emotion that delved into the deepest darkest part of my life. And, to think that it was just sitting in a file on my computer waiting for this particular opportunity to be aired out… amazing and incredibly astounding that of all the people she could have asked, she chose to approach me and I happened to have the perfect post ready to go…

I believe God works in mysterious ways for reasons beyond my understanding. And if even one life can be changed, one perspective enlightened, by my post – I will be more than thrilled. As my post is boardering on shattering sterotypes and stigma around menta health, I believe it will do more to help others than anything else I have ever written or done.

Do you have a favorite blog to read? Do you ever wish you could contribute to it, too? I encourage you to put yourself out there. Comment and say you are interested in doing so. You never know whose lives you will touch and improve with the power of your words!

Go forth and work together to make a difference!


No Way In

This one is for all the graduates out there with horrendous student loans and no fair way in to the working world except through minimum wage – if you’re lucky. 

My struggle: I’m 32 years old. I’m getting up there in age and I still have not established myself in a career that is stable – forget well paid. I am always worried that the funding for my position will get cut like it did almost seven and a half years ago when I had just graduated from grad. school. 

The degree was supposed to land me a permanent position, but I was laid off due to budget cuts. The degree was specific to the public sector in which I worked, and with the economy in an unexpected downward spiral at the time, it was near impossible to find my way into a public organization at that time.

My network has landed me this job and it’s not that I’m far from grateful for it – I am grateful – but it’s the fact that I am not being given the chance at a better future and I see it happening to others around me. The reality of the situation is I’m fortunate to work with very decent individuals who are trying their best to make do with what they have. They, too, are overworked and underpaid.

We often have twelve-hour days for a stretch of almost three months without overtime pay. I end up volunteering those extra hours because the help is needed desperately.

I just wonder at any politician who has the gall to stand up and say they’ve created jobs. How in the world are people my age supposed to live on minimum wage? People like myself are barely making loan payments every month, paying part of a mortgage or rent, buying food to eat, and just barely surviving.

This isn’t what we went to school for and why we keep continuing to work hard. It’s not okay. This needs to change! Students who work hard in school should get a real break. I’m not talking about your one in a million free ride awarded to a student. I’m talking about job shadowing and job placement. I’m talking about lowering tuition to make it affordable. I’m talking about getting real and making education practical.

Who’s with me?


To just go for your dreams without hesitation. This is where I’m headed right now – pursuing my fitness goals while setting an example for others. I am by no means fit, but I am committed to this journey of being my best self and I encourage you to do the same. 

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life – be it school or work – however, it is ultimately up to us to make time for ourselves and challenge ourselves to be better every day.

Join me on my journey – I dare you!!! Do something for yourself today to make you healthier and happier. Enjoy it!

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