No Way In

This one is for all the graduates out there with horrendous student loans and no fair way in to the working world except through minimum wage – if you’re lucky. 

My struggle: I’m 32 years old. I’m getting up there in age and I still have not established myself in a career that is stable – forget well paid. I am always worried that the funding for my position will get cut like it did almost seven and a half years ago when I had just graduated from grad. school. 

The degree was supposed to land me a permanent position, but I was laid off due to budget cuts. The degree was specific to the public sector in which I worked, and with the economy in an unexpected downward spiral at the time, it was near impossible to find my way into a public organization at that time.

My network has landed me this job and it’s not that I’m far from grateful for it – I am grateful – but it’s the fact that I am not being given the chance at a better future and I see it happening to others around me. The reality of the situation is I’m fortunate to work with very decent individuals who are trying their best to make do with what they have. They, too, are overworked and underpaid.

We often have twelve-hour days for a stretch of almost three months without overtime pay. I end up volunteering those extra hours because the help is needed desperately.

I just wonder at any politician who has the gall to stand up and say they’ve created jobs. How in the world are people my age supposed to live on minimum wage? People like myself are barely making loan payments every month, paying part of a mortgage or rent, buying food to eat, and just barely surviving.

This isn’t what we went to school for and why we keep continuing to work hard. It’s not okay. This needs to change! Students who work hard in school should get a real break. I’m not talking about your one in a million free ride awarded to a student. I’m talking about job shadowing and job placement. I’m talking about lowering tuition to make it affordable. I’m talking about getting real and making education practical.

Who’s with me?


One thought on “No Way In

  1. Agree. I graduate 24 years ago and was lucky to get a grant. But i hear you. I struggled to get a career established. Job keep getting outsourced.. and the gov dont care. Things should change from a gov and a company stand point. But what to say it feels like it worse. At some point in my late 20s i learnt positive thinking and law of attraction and i tired it and it took time but my career life changed and it still works

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