Five Minutes of Your Day

I know not everyone will want to know or participate in this, but it has helped me a lot in the past few weeks. I don’t go to church regularly, but I live out my faith – that’s how I was raised. So this app I found out about is my little return to chapel (I went three times a week for four years attending a Christian college after public schooling K-12). It is a daily five-minute teaching/lesson/sermon, if you will, and really gets to the point of the message, the point of faith, the application of faith in the real world. 

If you are curious, I suggest you look up First Five in the App Store and download it. It fits right into my busy schedule, and it’s worth exploring even if you are of a different faith or belief system.

That’s my two cents today! As always, thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!


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