To commit to something is to put all of your effort into it, pour all of your energy into it, to make it succeed. 

At this point in my life, I find myself reexamining what I am committed to and how much I have invested in these commitments. 

First, there is my family – close friends included. I am always there for them especially when they need me the most. I spend a lot of time with them, making decisions with them, getting their opinion and guidance on things that I want to accomplish. This also counts for taking responsibility for our dog as she is an integral part of our family.

Then, there is my job. I am committed to serving the public and being a bigger part of my team. This takes up most of my time and energy, but it is so rewarding to be a part of something so incredibly wonderful as going to work every day is a joy and our team feels like a family.

Next comes my fitness. I am committed to living a healthier life including working out every day and eating well. I plan out my meals and help find healthy recipes as well as follow a 3-week workout plan. Yesterday’s chicken Parmesan was a hit and today’s cardio workout knocked my socks off!

And last but not least, I am committed to becoming more social – going out on dates, out with friends, with coworkers, out shopping, out to coffee shops and restaurants to try new things and meet new people. Now, this one terrifies me because I’m an introvert trying to open up to a world of new possibilities. Nonetheless, I stay positive and remain cautious in nature, but I am putting myself out there more to see how I can grow as an individual. I feel like this part of my life has always been lacking until now, and as hard as it is to change, I’m trying to do my best to be open to this commitment. 

What are you committed to at this point in your life? How has it affected you and those around you? Do you feel it has made a positive or negative impact on your life? I am curious to hear from you!



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