I’ve always been the passenger on this journey called life. Always along for the ride. Someone else has always made the decision of where to go and what to do, usually my parents or older sibling. And it’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, I have. The company is always great. I just feel like it’s finally time for me to take the wheel. 

This both excites and terrifies me. But if I don’t take the wheel and drive my own way, I’ll never make mistakes and never grow. So this is something I need to do, even if it’s in small steps or tiny things I do here and there, I need to do them for me. For my goal is to be independent, a driver all on my own. It’s nice to have time to practice with some navigators in the car with me right now, but someday they will not be here to guide me and I’ll have to go it alone.



3 thoughts on “Passenger 

  1. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability here and being open about your true self. This is what makes you a powerful writer–your authenticity in bringing the real to you to the world. I hope you never change this about yourself. God bless!

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