Blogger’s Recognition Award

About a week or so ago, Lance Price nominated me for this award and I just now had the pleasure of reading his post! Thank you for your kind words, Lance, and for the nomination!
 • Thank the Blogger that nominated you!

 • Write a post to show your award!

 • Give a brief story of how you started your blog

 • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers!

 • Select 9 Bloggers, you want to give this award to!

 • Comment on each blog to let them know you have nominated them, also link your post to their nomination!
I started my blog with a promise to myself to spread the word about a condition, that I would not let it define me, that I would be an example to those who suffer from any ailment on a daily basis that we can and will overcome – that our life can be lived to the fullest in our own capacity and that we can love and be loved just the same. I started to extend that love to others in my words to you all. I hope it rings loud and clear although sometimes it’s a little muffled.

A piece of advice is to write honestly from your heart whether you post creative pieces of fiction or posts about life, etc. Speak from a place of truth because those words are the loudest and most widely treasured. They resonate with your audience and bring them closer to you.

My second piece of advice is to keep it simple – and I’ve said this before. Think about yourself for a moment – if you only had five minutes to read something of value in your entire day, would you want to read your own post? Just something to think about. 

My Fellow Bloggers:

1. Behind the White Coat

I thank you greatly from the bottom of my heart for your poetry, your stories, and your insight into the reality that is your role in this world at home, at work, and beyond!

2. Chape

I thank you for the nuggets of wisdom you post daily that keep me thinking and going strong. You’ve inspired me to work on my own physical well-being.

3. Indisposed and Undiagnosed 

I thank you for your tireless efforts to voice the inner struggles of those around us who suffer offen in silence. You have helped so many people with your illness army and your giveaway boxes that you inspire me to be kinder and gentler with the people around me as we all are fighting our own battles.

4. View From My Window

Bless that window into your heart and soul! Thank you for all that you share in every post and for giving us an alternative perspective that perhaps we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves.

5. Shower of Blessings

One of which is your blog! Thank you for kindly reminding us of what we are grateful for in our lives and providing perspective on how the world has changed so much!

6. Seeds 4 Life

Thank you for reminding us what makes life worth living and the worth of what makes life such a blessing.

7. Wordskeepmesane

Your words keep me sane, too and thanks for that! Lovely poetry!

8. Love Hope Peace

Thank you for your inspirational posts, sharing your yoga journey and insights into your experiences.

9. Healthy Living

Thank you for inspiring us to live fuller and healthier lives, for your inspirational posts with wonderful quotes and insights!


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