To be sure of something even if it’s unseen, not felt, and not sensed in any tangible manner. 

How many of you out there believe in yourself? I hope you all do. I believe in you. I believe that even though I may not have met you in person, or known of your existence for ages, I believe you are a unique individual capable of and destined for greatness, to change the world for the better, even if that means just being who you are on a daily basis – being a part of someone else’s life, day, etc.

I believe it’s the little things that matter the most – holding that door open, letting someone have a turn before you at the store, that little compliment that brightens someone’s day… 

For, at the end of the day, no matter what kind of storms and crap we’ve had to deal with, we are all still human and are in this together. Why not lighten the load by carrying each other for a moment, loving one another in small gestures of human-kindness.

I believe human-kindness is not dead. It is very much alive. And if you think otherwise, it’s in everyone’s power to change that – one person, one moment, one gesture at a time.