Contest Update

Hi all,

I’ve been busy lately and have regretted not being able to post here more often. However, two of my creative writing projects have been submitted to contests with promising news! I’ve made the Red List twice – the list of highest scoring entries for both categories I’ve entered. This is amazing for first time entries!!!

Fingers crossed, winning could mean production of my story and screenplay into two separate movies! As I’m excited about this, I thought to share it with my followers here!

Thank you for your continued support!



Amidst the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping and such, it can be easy to lose ourselves in road rage, judgmental conclusions about cutters in line, and impatience as we wait our turn after someone who could only pay in coins at the supermarket.

But in all honesty, this world needs more jolly in it than we could ever muster up to show. So I call you to action. Yes, you! Put that smile back on your face, the spring in your step, the joy in your voice as you sing along to whatever’s playing in the background. Be genuine in your greetings and take that extra measure to be super jolly – not just because of a holiday, but because you want to spread cheer year-round.

Have a jolly holiday season!


Warm Someone’s Heart

I have already posted about my knitting for Knots of Love before (which I continue to do), but this post is about creating something for someone else to enjoy and perhaps something that will keep them warm in the colder weather we face during the holiday season.

Last season, I bought myself a loom and knitted snoods (think short infinity scarves that hug your neck snuggly). This season, I decided to knit caps with fluffy pom poms for others to wear. Now, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a beanie, a cap, a scarf, or a blanket – it’s the fact that you put your time and consideration into choosing to do something nice for someone you know or maybe someone you don’t know at all. It’s that labor of love that brings joy to them and warms their hearts.

If you don’t knit, there are several alternatives you can think of as to how to brighten someone’s day. The important part is putting yourself aside for a moment to warm someone else’s heart.