Life is fragile.

That is what I’ve been reminded of this past month. Losing my dog to heart failure has been rough. Even though she was only with us for a year, I know it was the best year of her life. However, that was no bandaid to protect the raw emotions of that wound – that hole in my heart that was left behind. But this was getting too grim.

So let’s restart.

This is exactly what my family and I decided to do – not replace, but restart this relationship with our pet. This time we were looking for someone who would stick around for a long while so someone young. The search started after the tears had dried and the decision had been made together to experience this joy again. Lessons had been learned and there was homework to be done. Boy, did we get it done!

We went out last weekend to a shelter and left heavy hearted as the dog we were interested in had been adopted already. Lo and behold, there was a volunteer there who directed us to a non-profit nearby. That’s where we fell in love again!

This little cute bundle of energy was waiting for us there. Ready to jump, run, play, lick… all of the above! It was love at first sight and all of a sudden all of the feelings came rushing back. We just had to rescue him! And an hour later he was in my arms and on his way home!

There is a lot of pain in this world – there is no doubt, but there is no feeling better than knowing you are making a positive impact on another life whether it is human or not. We had so much more love to give our dog, so we are restarting that journey with this one.

Count your blessings, hold those dear to you close to your heart, and love like you’ve never been hurt before! That’s my advice and that’s all for today. Until next time…

Enjoy your weekend!



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