I am honored to announce that one of my family members is getting married this summer. This is someone I am tremendously proud of for his positive motivational attitude. I am also proud that he has grown so much spiritually over the years. A wonderful brother and son, grandson, boyfriend, fiancé, and soon to be husband – hopefully, father in the future. But how would I know that? Does our relationship go further than being cousins? Not really. But I have always known him to be a stand up guy. I have seen the potential in his eyes, felt the love in his heart since he was a child. I can say the same for his siblings. Each unique with strengths of their own, but a solid common core at the soul level. It goes deep into their hearts and I have had the priveledge to see them all succeed if not with my own eyes but through proud announcements from them or our loved ones. To these three siblings, I proclaim and will never change my mind about the following: always follow your heart. Your mind may hesitate sometimes and, that’s a good thing, but be sure what you’re deciding is sound with your heart as well. I’m sure all three of them have done so already.

Who’s on your mind today? Who deserves a mention? A phone call? A message from you today? Go forth and love one another!