Christmas Memories

What makes Christmas special to you? Is it the frosty air? The winter wardrobe and gingerbread cookies? Friends and family gathered around the feast of a lifetime? For me, it’s the decorations, the tree, and the pastries made from scratch in the kitchen that bring back the aroma and feel of Christmas past.

When I was little, I remember being around the kitchen table at my aunt’s house and watching her, my mother, and my uncle work in an assembly line fashion each with a task – roll the dough in a flat circle, cut the dough circles into triangles, scoop filling onto each triangle, roll the dough like a cigarette – in fact, that’s what these delicious pastries are called.

I was too young to be a part of the action, but I enjoyed stealing a taste of the sweet filling of these delectable pastries. I was only five when my aunt passed away. I don’t have a lot of memories of her except her laughter, smile, and these pastries, the recipe, and her Christmas cookie recipe. But they used to make cookies called nazooks like this too. It was a team effort.

When my mom and I make these cigarettes at Christmas time it’s just special to us. It’s like having her with us as we bake and enjoy them to the last morsel.

Some Christmas traditions live on in our families. What are some of yours?


Live Learn Love – Just Be You!

Hi everyone!!!

Just want to promote an up and coming blog:

It is to be an inspiring and motivational site on topics that range from life, work, and love, to pets, health, and self-help… so, please stop by and give me your thoughts/opinions on it.

Greatly appreciated!!!

To all of those who are in some way connected to people in the path of the latest natural disasters in the US and around the world… prayers and love to you as you go through horrific circumstances. It’s easy for us unaffected to stand back and say this, but know that our hearts are breaking for you. It’s unfortunate that these are the type of events that bring people together, but please find comfort in that truth as the days go by and life pushes us forward one day at a time.

Stay safe, my friends.



I am honored to announce that one of my family members is getting married this summer. This is someone I am tremendously proud of for his positive motivational attitude. I am also proud that he has grown so much spiritually over the years. A wonderful brother and son, grandson, boyfriend, fiancé, and soon to be husband – hopefully, father in the future. But how would I know that? Does our relationship go further than being cousins? Not really. But I have always known him to be a stand up guy. I have seen the potential in his eyes, felt the love in his heart since he was a child. I can say the same for his siblings. Each unique with strengths of their own, but a solid common core at the soul level. It goes deep into their hearts and I have had the priveledge to see them all succeed if not with my own eyes but through proud announcements from them or our loved ones. To these three siblings, I proclaim and will never change my mind about the following: always follow your heart. Your mind may hesitate sometimes and, that’s a good thing, but be sure what you’re deciding is sound with your heart as well. I’m sure all three of them have done so already.

Who’s on your mind today? Who deserves a mention? A phone call? A message from you today? Go forth and love one another!


Life is fragile.

That is what I’ve been reminded of this past month. Losing my dog to heart failure has been rough. Even though she was only with us for a year, I know it was the best year of her life. However, that was no bandaid to protect the raw emotions of that wound – that hole in my heart that was left behind. But this was getting too grim.

So let’s restart.

This is exactly what my family and I decided to do – not replace, but restart this relationship with our pet. This time we were looking for someone who would stick around for a long while so someone young. The search started after the tears had dried and the decision had been made together to experience this joy again. Lessons had been learned and there was homework to be done. Boy, did we get it done!

We went out last weekend to a shelter and left heavy hearted as the dog we were interested in had been adopted already. Lo and behold, there was a volunteer there who directed us to a non-profit nearby. That’s where we fell in love again!

This little cute bundle of energy was waiting for us there. Ready to jump, run, play, lick… all of the above! It was love at first sight and all of a sudden all of the feelings came rushing back. We just had to rescue him! And an hour later he was in my arms and on his way home!

There is a lot of pain in this world – there is no doubt, but there is no feeling better than knowing you are making a positive impact on another life whether it is human or not. We had so much more love to give our dog, so we are restarting that journey with this one.

Count your blessings, hold those dear to you close to your heart, and love like you’ve never been hurt before! That’s my advice and that’s all for today. Until next time…

Enjoy your weekend!



“Creature” – something created, something/someone that came from the shaping and molding of another being. Interestingly enough, when we think of this word, we tend to associate it with negative connotations – a scary or odd creature from outer space or an animal of some sort, although people are creatures as well.

There are several ways of thinking of a creature, my favorite being the thought that this living organism was made by someone or somehow came into existence. Personally, I believe in God as the ultimate Creator and I see my evidence in intelligent design. I refuse to believe that everything is happenstance, but I respect others’ beliefs and I do have knowledge of evolution and the big bang, and so on and so forth. It interests me as a topic I have studied thoroughly.

However, for me, nothing seems to be able to answer my questions to my satisfaction as much as faith does. And of course, the point of faith is to believe without having to see. To trust in something that is greater than myself, that gives me a sense of purpose for life, that guides me to live in service of others – this is my faith. To live every day in love – love of others, love for myself, for other “creatures,” and so on and so forth.

And when I go to create my own creatures in my stories or whatever I am writing, I have a tiny glimpse of what it’s like to be a creator. I have some insight into the joy and pain it brings to see my creatures grow, think, make mistakes, fall, and brush themselves off. And this story itself, as my creation, takes on a life of its own as it’s written, rewritten, shared, read, and interpreted a little differently each time by each set of eyes, each mind that enters my created world.

What comes to mind when you think of the word, “creature?” Perhaps you have a favorite animal or a favorite fictional character that you are reminded of. Here’s a fun exercise: thinking of that creature, put yourself in it’s shoes, per se, and try to see the world through its eyes for a moment. I assure you, you will see the world differently.CreatureComforts2_NewsThumb_Big



What does this word really mean and why am I feeling this? It means being at the end of the rope in terms of hope – not having anything else to go on. Running on empty… Yesterday I was thinking about some family members and I feel forlorn in that if they can’t treat me with respect and integrity, I have no choice but to give up on them completely. What would that look like? Being fake back. Dishing out bullshit after it’s dealt to me time and time again – or just a long silence knowing they think I’m forever inadequate in their eyes. You see, people who really care don’t find ways to kick you when you’re down. They pull you up to higher ground and put you on their shoulders proudly and without incident. They don’t hint at your shortcomings. They love you no matter what. Simple as that. I’ve been through hell and back, so if you don’t have an ounce of decency to respect that, just leave me alone.


Contest Update

Hi all,

I’ve been busy lately and have regretted not being able to post here more often. However, two of my creative writing projects have been submitted to contests with promising news! I’ve made the Red List twice – the list of highest scoring entries for both categories I’ve entered. This is amazing for first time entries!!!

Fingers crossed, winning could mean production of my story and screenplay into two separate movies! As I’m excited about this, I thought to share it with my followers here!

Thank you for your continued support!