To be sure of something even if it’s unseen, not felt, and not sensed in any tangible manner. 

How many of you out there believe in yourself? I hope you all do. I believe in you. I believe that even though I may not have met you in person, or known of your existence for ages, I believe you are a unique individual capable of and destined for greatness, to change the world for the better, even if that means just being who you are on a daily basis – being a part of someone else’s life, day, etc.

I believe it’s the little things that matter the most – holding that door open, letting someone have a turn before you at the store, that little compliment that brightens someone’s day… 

For, at the end of the day, no matter what kind of storms and crap we’ve had to deal with, we are all still human and are in this together. Why not lighten the load by carrying each other for a moment, loving one another in small gestures of human-kindness.

I believe human-kindness is not dead. It is very much alive. And if you think otherwise, it’s in everyone’s power to change that – one person, one moment, one gesture at a time.






To surpass, surmount, beat the odds, what have you… To overcome something that holds you back from being you, from achieving what you want, from obtaining your dreams, this is a struggle we all go through. No matter our background, our life story, our health status, our work status, whatever it may be… All of us have the desire to overcome something sometime in our life. And it’s not the end result of our efforts, but the journey and the efforts themselves that make or break us, that shape and mold us into the character that defines us. This is how we grow as individuals, come to know our worth in this world, and how we succeed.boy-2027761_960_720


Blogger’s Recognition Award

About a week or so ago, Lance Price nominated me for this award and I just now had the pleasure of reading his post! Thank you for your kind words, Lance, and for the nomination!
 • Thank the Blogger that nominated you!

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I started my blog with a promise to myself to spread the word about a condition, that I would not let it define me, that I would be an example to those who suffer from any ailment on a daily basis that we can and will overcome – that our life can be lived to the fullest in our own capacity and that we can love and be loved just the same. I started to extend that love to others in my words to you all. I hope it rings loud and clear although sometimes it’s a little muffled.

A piece of advice is to write honestly from your heart whether you post creative pieces of fiction or posts about life, etc. Speak from a place of truth because those words are the loudest and most widely treasured. They resonate with your audience and bring them closer to you.

My second piece of advice is to keep it simple – and I’ve said this before. Think about yourself for a moment – if you only had five minutes to read something of value in your entire day, would you want to read your own post? Just something to think about. 

My Fellow Bloggers:

1. Behind the White Coat

I thank you greatly from the bottom of my heart for your poetry, your stories, and your insight into the reality that is your role in this world at home, at work, and beyond!

2. Chape

I thank you for the nuggets of wisdom you post daily that keep me thinking and going strong. You’ve inspired me to work on my own physical well-being.

3. Indisposed and Undiagnosed 

I thank you for your tireless efforts to voice the inner struggles of those around us who suffer offen in silence. You have helped so many people with your illness army and your giveaway boxes that you inspire me to be kinder and gentler with the people around me as we all are fighting our own battles.

4. View From My Window

Bless that window into your heart and soul! Thank you for all that you share in every post and for giving us an alternative perspective that perhaps we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves.

5. Shower of Blessings

One of which is your blog! Thank you for kindly reminding us of what we are grateful for in our lives and providing perspective on how the world has changed so much!

6. Seeds 4 Life

Thank you for reminding us what makes life worth living and the worth of what makes life such a blessing.

7. Wordskeepmesane

Your words keep me sane, too and thanks for that! Lovely poetry!

8. Love Hope Peace

Thank you for your inspirational posts, sharing your yoga journey and insights into your experiences.

9. Healthy Living

Thank you for inspiring us to live fuller and healthier lives, for your inspirational posts with wonderful quotes and insights!


I’ve always been the passenger on this journey called life. Always along for the ride. Someone else has always made the decision of where to go and what to do, usually my parents or older sibling. And it’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, I have. The company is always great. I just feel like it’s finally time for me to take the wheel. 

This both excites and terrifies me. But if I don’t take the wheel and drive my own way, I’ll never make mistakes and never grow. So this is something I need to do, even if it’s in small steps or tiny things I do here and there, I need to do them for me. For my goal is to be independent, a driver all on my own. It’s nice to have time to practice with some navigators in the car with me right now, but someday they will not be here to guide me and I’ll have to go it alone.



You push the door, I pull it shut. You’re loud, I’m quiet. You’re excited, I’m nervous. You’re eager, I hesitate. You trust, I don’t, at least not yet. But as much as you are the opposite of me, you draw me closer in curiosity and wonder. I wait for you to cross the line, but you don’t. I wait for you to say the wrong thing or something that doesn’t fit into the cookie cutter idea of you in my head. You don’t. Every laugh, joke, sincerity, is real. It brings me closer to you. Maybe. I think maybe. Because I’m still not sure or maybe I don’t want to be sure of anything as I’ve been down this road too many times before. I know where I don’t want it to lead.



Cringe: to make a sudden movement out of fear of being hurt or hit.

So I adopted a senior dog last December and she is now well adapted to me and my family. She has her daily routine, and her tail wags all of the time! But near the very beginning I could tell she was nervous and unsure as well as probably traumatized by previous owners mistreating her. It was sad! She would cringe with every sudden movement we made and every loud sound. She was afraid of fly swatters and newspapers – maybe things she had been hit with I’m guessing?

This whole idea of having to build trust was difficult to get my head around when I met her and she wouldn’t even look at me, but with consistency and affection sure enough it has been built over the course of 6 months. I carried her to the car, and she was definitely unsure if things but in my lap on the way home she felt a big relief and was so comfortable that she fell asleep. She can now rest without worry and sleep soundly.  She runs to the door to greet me happily when I come home from work and I wouldn’t have it any other way than to welcome her into my arms every day.

It isn’t easy but it’s the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had to rescue a pet. I highly recommend it to anyone out there with an open heart, and of course the practical things like enough room/space, financial means, etc. It is no small task but a huge commitment that takes time and energy to be nurtured and to grow.



To commit to something is to put all of your effort into it, pour all of your energy into it, to make it succeed. 

At this point in my life, I find myself reexamining what I am committed to and how much I have invested in these commitments. 

First, there is my family – close friends included. I am always there for them especially when they need me the most. I spend a lot of time with them, making decisions with them, getting their opinion and guidance on things that I want to accomplish. This also counts for taking responsibility for our dog as she is an integral part of our family.

Then, there is my job. I am committed to serving the public and being a bigger part of my team. This takes up most of my time and energy, but it is so rewarding to be a part of something so incredibly wonderful as going to work every day is a joy and our team feels like a family.

Next comes my fitness. I am committed to living a healthier life including working out every day and eating well. I plan out my meals and help find healthy recipes as well as follow a 3-week workout plan. Yesterday’s chicken Parmesan was a hit and today’s cardio workout knocked my socks off!

And last but not least, I am committed to becoming more social – going out on dates, out with friends, with coworkers, out shopping, out to coffee shops and restaurants to try new things and meet new people. Now, this one terrifies me because I’m an introvert trying to open up to a world of new possibilities. Nonetheless, I stay positive and remain cautious in nature, but I am putting myself out there more to see how I can grow as an individual. I feel like this part of my life has always been lacking until now, and as hard as it is to change, I’m trying to do my best to be open to this commitment. 

What are you committed to at this point in your life? How has it affected you and those around you? Do you feel it has made a positive or negative impact on your life? I am curious to hear from you!